Welcome to my pitty party…

The last few days have been rough to say the least. Monday is my 27th birthday and we will be spending the day at the AT’s urologist appointment followed up with a SA. Be jealous, it’s pretty amazing I know.

Yesterday and today I figured that the AT has been working more than he is at home and that sends me over the damn edge. I hate being alone all of the time, it doesn’t suit me well at all. I’ve been baking (and subsequently eating) up a storm which is always a bad thing for both my waistline and my kitchen.
This week I have been bitched out for not being a part of a baby shower, seen about 15,486 fake “I’m preggo” status updates on facebook, and last but not least AF came to visit. On top of that we have had a crazy week at school full of standardized testing at my building and 5 athletic events that the AT has been responsible for.
We’ve decided that we need to get on the same page and have a line of questioning for the doctor on Monday. We both agree that we want a child and understand that as of now IVF is our best option for us to reach our goal of having a family. It’s a very overwhelming thought, half of my yearly income is about to be invested in my body. I feel like we are basically about to take part in a crappy gambling scheme and we have a pretty good chance of winning but the chance of failure is always looming.

Off to clean the house, or at least attempt to…I can’t focus worth a damn today.

Tape it up, AT’s Wife


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