Our Very First IVF Consultation

Today was our very first IVF consultation with our fertility doctor! It went really well. I was nervous at first because we waited like 25 minutes after our appointment time before she called us back there. This is very unlike her, we are usually sitting with the doctor by our appointment time so waiting did not sit well with our anxious selves this morning.

When we finally walked into the office she had our files laid out on her desk and even had books stacked up that were marked with things she wanted us to see. The AT and I think that she and her intern were reviewing our case one more time before meeting with us.
We saw her last in February which is when she laid out how much IVF would cost and a rough timeline. When we walked in and started talking you could tell that once we said we were ready to do whatever that she was so excited for/with us.
She explained the medications I would be taking and that we will both come back for an entire appointment just to learn about all the meds and how to give them. What I find so much comfort in is that we will get a calendar that explains what meds, the dose, appointments, pretty much everything that the process entails.
It seems incredibly ironic that I will begin birth control for the first time in 5 years!!! Like really, birth control?? Isn’t my goal to get pregnant? I asked our doc about it all and she explained that it will basically prevent me from ovulating until they are ready. Although I understand the thought process it still is freaking odd!!!
So, I will see how I tolerate birth control because I hated taking it before but if it will help me reach the goal of being a mommy….then sign me up!

Thank y’all for all of the support. This entire process is so overwhelming but I feel amazing knowing that I have people who have walked in these shoes before.
Have a great week!!

Tape it up, The AT’s Wife


3 thoughts on “Our Very First IVF Consultation

      • Thank you so much! Honestly, just have faith in the process and trust your doctors regardless of what you read on here. I noticed there are so many different med combinations out there and some are using meds I’ve never even heard of. If you have insurance coverage, some plans require you to enroll in a special program before they will cover any infertility treatments. Mine was that way. Oh, and needles aren’t so bad after your first few injections…as long as it leads to a baby in the end it’s worth it! I sincerely hope yours goes well and I will be waiting for your BFP!

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