Enter Pity Party…

Oh holy shiz…

It’s really happening!! I just took my first birth control pill for the first time in almost 5 years, it feels odd to say the least. I remember the freeing feeling when I stopped taking them and switched to an IUD. It was so amazing to not have to worry about it and here I am all these years later setting an alarm on my cell phone to remind myself. Oh man, how time can change you and yet so many things stay the same.

When we left our fertility specialist’s office, I felt a sense of calm for the first time in almost 2.5 years. We had a purpose, a true plan, a course of action, and I was so excited.
Here comes Wednesday…we’ve had 48 busy hours to digest the information and I think we are finally really understand what this means. I’ve been in a state of hurry up…really, hurry up…no, now wait….wait a little more…lead foot is on the gas at this point.
It’s finally happening and I don’t really know how I truly feel about it. I always thought I would have lost more weight, gotten my relationship with my dad figured out, enter about a million other things, before we really started.
I’m so ready, beyond ready, but is everything else? We need so many things in order…okay, let’s calm my rear end down and realize the this is finally happening!!!


Tape it up y’all,

The AT’s Wife


4 thoughts on “Enter Pity Party…

  1. The IVF journey has started! Wishing you the best of luck! How long do you have to be on bcp? I know everyone’s schedule is a bit different.

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